Heart of red roses

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Love of my life.

Ciao amore... lo so che cosa stai passando per colpa mia... I know that I do many mistakes with you or I put you sometimes in a side. I'm feeling sorry for all of this... but only you had this power to support me and to go ahead... i promised in the past many things that untill now I couldn't realize, not because I didn't want but because it happened many things that avoid us to do... I know your status and I understand how you are feeling when you see your friends get married and you are still there with nothing in the hands but only with my words. I know that you loved me from the first day and I know how much you are beautiful inside and in how many things you close your eyes to don't let's have a fight... I proposed you because I really want to have a wife like you... and nobody else!!! And believe me that when I will come back home this things we will realize, if you give me the chance. The last chance to repair my mistakes and to become a better men... I really can't wait to see you again and not even 10 days that I'm onboard are look like 2 months that I'm far away from you. Believe me In what I say because it's only what I really think... if you think to forgive me you will not regreat... Pensaci bene amore mio and try to put the orgoglio in a side for the last time...
This flower represent your self...
Ciao amore mio
Ti amo



Ciao amore!!!! i tried many times to make you a nice present but in the end I didn't catch exactly what you really like. I hope that this time you like!!!! :)
Unfortunately I can't be there for this day, but I'm happy that in few days we will see each other. I love you as the first day that I meet you and finally as soon you will be my wife :) thank you very much for the support that are always giving to me and specially for the passion that you have with me... I hope that I will make you happy one day without fights.
Anywyay enjoy your day!!!
Ciao amore ti amo

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Heart of red roses

Heart of red roses